First Full HD Short Throw Projector in the world (65.7″ @1m), 2D Keystone Correction

The Best Cinematic Viewing Experience in Small Spaces

With the W1080ST+, incredible 1080p Full HD home entertainment is just a click away! Featuring cinema color reality picture performance, side projection and short-throw technology, the home video projector gives you the installation and placement flexibility to turns your favorite multimedia content into 100” of cinematic enjoyment from only 1.5 meters away – so you can turn your living room into a cinema without worrying about having enough room or wiring and remodeling troubles.



Cinema Color Reality for Exceptional Image Quality

Cinema Color Reality

A “Cinema Color Reality” picture performance awaits you! Empowered by BenQ’s simulated REC. 709 gamut, BrilliantColor™ technology and 6X-speed 6-segment color wheel (RGBRGB), the W1080ST+ brings the truest and most captivating images to life with billions of colors!

Full HD 1080p Perfection

With BenQ’s Full HD optimized optical system, you can enjoy your favorite high-definition multimedia content with the best clarity and sharpness.

High ANSI Contrast

No detail should hide in the dark! With a high ANSI contrast ratio, even the subtlest details are revealed in the deepest, truest blacks.

‧ Full On/Off Contrast Ratio
measures and compares the brightness of full black and full white screens.

‧ ANSI Contrast Ratio
measures and compares the brightness of black and white segments

Full HD 3D Movies Right in Your Living Room

Love 3D cinema? So do we! That’s why the W1080ST+ is built to support multiple 3D standards with amazing 1080p Full HD image quality, including HDMI 1.4a 3D, Blu-ray, 3D broadcast, video games, and NVIDIA 3DTV PC – all crosstalk free!

Dual HDMI Output

Stream digital content seamlessly from the device of your choice! Dual HDMI Output supports HDMI 1.4a, 3D, and MHL connectivity with a simple plug-and-play.

DarkChip3™ Superior Contrast Performance

With DarkChip3 DLP® Technology, the W1080ST+ projects higher brightness and deeper black levels to produce that smooth, film-like image quality you get in movie theaters.

10W Immersive Audio Performance

No Messy Cables, Only Wonderful Sound

Expertly tuned to enhance audio playback quality with deeper base tones, this built-in 10W chamber speaker offers you a truly immersive audio performance – without the cable trouble

Projection Installation Flexibility

Leave your furniture as it is. Find a convenient spot for the W1080ST+ and start enjoying your favorite movie!

Side Projection

Thanks to 2D Keystone, you get front-and-centered projection even with the W1080ST+ placed on a side table! Almost any place is the perfect place for this projector!

Big-Screen Entertainment in Short Distances

100” of Cinematic Enjoyment in 2.5m

With short-throw projection, the W1080ST+ frees you from space constraints, shadow distortions and glares – all the while giving you 100” of amazing cinematic entertainment in just 2.5 meters!

Flexible Zoom for Extra Installation Freedom

Say goodbye to changing your home décor to accommodate your projector! The W1080ST+ is built to free up your living space with a 1.2x flexible zoom that supports remodeling-free projector installation with a flexible range of projection distances.

Easy and Simple Operation

Plug in Your Favorite Device & Enjoy More with MHL

Go from small mobile screens to big projection screen with MHL! Stream and share your favorite digital content, from movies, videos, games to websites, seamlessly from any MHL-equipped smart device using just an MHL cable!

MHL Support:
The W1080ST+ lets you share the fun with friends and family with a simple plug and play.

Smart & Friendly User Interface

The W1080ST+ is incredibly intuitive to operate. The whole new self-explanatory user interface design has been made so simple that it’s easy for anyone to figure out.





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