This highly versatile projector series harnesses Epson’s latest 3LCD technology to deliver professional high image-quality presentations ideal for school and business environments.

Enjoy ease of use and operation
Deliver effective presentations with enhanced audio
Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
Do more with wider connectivity options


Greater Placement Flexibility with Keystone Correction
This projector series features both horizontal and vertical keystone correction, giving you greater choice of projector placement at different angles. You no longer have to limit placement to the centre of the desk.

Longer Projector Foot Stand
With a longer foot stand, you have a greater range of projection placement possibilities without the need to use external objects to adjust the projection angle.

Frontal Exhaust
Enjoy greater flexibility in seating arrangements around the projector. With the exhaust positioned at its front, none of your audience will be exposed to and distracted by the hot exhaust.

Powerful 16W Built-in Speaker
The powerful 16W built-in speaker replaces the need for an external speaker and delivers high-quality output even in large rooms.

Template Function
Keep your whiteboard presentations professional by projecting a choice of line templates on your whiteboard to guide your writing and arrange your writing space.

Microphone Input
For professional presentations in larger rooms, simply plug in a microphone to the microphone input terminal to enhance audio effectiveness.

Bigger Control Panel
The bigger control panel and clear lettering allow for easier projector operation, especially when your projector is ceiling mounted.

6000-hour-long Lamp Life & Easy Lamp Replacement
With longer lamp life up to 6000 hours, the lamp unit need not be replaced as often, allowing you to save on maintenance time and costs.

Multiscreen Display
Great for summaries at the end of your presentation, the multiscreen display function allows you to show your audience multiple screens at the same time.

High-efficiency Filter
The new electrostatic filter has a surface area more than double that of current models. This extends the maintenance cycles to up to 5000 hours, leading to dramatic savings in time and maintenance costs.

Monitor and Control All Your Projectors from a Single PC
With Easy MP Monitor, Epson’s proprietary network monitoring software, you can easily monitor all your projectors and keep them running efficiently, even across the largest networks. Configure remotely and programme email alerts for pre-defined critical indicators such as non-functioning devices or overheating lamps.

USB Display 3-in-1
Projection setup has been made so easy. This projector series allows control, image and sound transmission from a computer to projector via a simple USB cable. No complicated cabling is needed.

Connect Directly to Epson Portable Document Camera ELPDC06
Designed to better assist the way you teach or present, this projector series conveniently connects directly to your Epson Portable Document Camera via USB cable
for more effective presentations.

Wireless Connection
Complicated cabling becomes a thing of the past with this projector series allows you to connect wirelessly through LAN and to your computer. In addition, direct wireless connection between the projector and your computer, and wireless transmission of sound are possible.

Eco Features

  • Equipped with Epson proprietary lamp that is engineered to maximise light usage efficiency
  • Uses 0.39W – 0.40W of power in standby mode
  • Projector optics employ lead-free lenses
  • Unpainted plastic housing reduces the environmental impact
  • The flame retardants used in the plastic housing do not contain chlorine or bromine


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