• HDBaseT Advanced Digital Connectivity
  • Lens Options and Interchangeable Color Wheel
  • Ultra High Brightness up to 7000 Lumens
  • Dual-Lamp System for Uninterrupted Presentations
  • Integrated Filtration for Easy Maintenance

Brilliant and Reliable Choice for Large Venue Installation

Pioneering features such as innovative HDBaseT connectivity and lens memory augment the already-comprehensive installation advantages as omnidirectional projection dexterity. Similarly, breakthrough high brightness and resolution, a brand-new mechanical shutter, and new cooling / monitoring / maintenance features ensure the highest value and performance for installers, IT managers, and presenters alike in any venue or application.Lens Memory, Central Lens Hot Key, LED Indicators, Mechanical Shutter, Complete Test Patterns,Optimised Cooling system,Motorized(Zoom, Focus, and Lens Shift),360 degree Projection, Interchangeable Color Wheel, Dual-Lamp System for Uninterrupted Presentations.


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